Lifestyle Solutions Financial Planning

Daniel Boce is your local Financial Planner servicing the Narre Warren and surrounding areas.

Daniel became a Financial Planner in 2002,  after joining Lifestyle Solutions Financial Planning in 2000 and is very experienced with helping people with their Financial Needs, specifically Finance needs, Risk insurance, Investing and retirement advice.


The practice was first started by Daniel's father, Harry Boce, in 1991 under the name of Narre Warren Insurance & Investment Services. A new name was chosen in 2002 and ‘Lifestyle Solutions Financial Planning’ was born, the name was chosen to coincide with the advice we provide our clients... we provide solutions to help our clients achieve the Lifestyle they are dreaming of.

How can we help you?


We can explain to you what Superannuation is.
How you use it? What you are invested in? What choices you have?

You can choose what you invest in, and there is no shortage of super funds out there. They are all different and you need to consider which one is appropriate for you.


Some of the things you can invest in may include property, managed funds, shares or cash. There are many ways to start an investment as well, and many different benefits that an investment could provide you besides a Return.

Some of the things to consider are how much you can afford to invest, how much exposure to fluctuating investments you are comfortable with and how long you want to invest for?

Debt :

You can have mortgages, credit cards or an investment loan... It’s all debt, and could easily be working against you instead of for you.

There are all types of different lenders who may provide debt to you, but all at different rates, so be sure to ensure your rate is competive because the differences can be huge.

We can help you with ensuring your debt is paid out as quickly as possible!

Income Protection:

Are you the primary bread winner in your family?

What will happen to your family if you lose your ability to work through illness or injury?

Income Protection will protect you, and your family from Financial Hardship by paying you a monthly amount based on your Income if you find yourself ill or injured and unable to work.

Life Insurance:

This will protect your dependents from Financial loss, if they lose you, either through your death or terminal illness.

Total & Permanent Insurance:

 If you become completely disabled, it will cost your dependents more financially then if you had died. This is because they need to find the funds to look after you and themselves now. This will pay out a benefit to you.

Trauma Insurance:

If you suffer a stroke, end up in a serious car accident, are diagnosed with cancer...you have suffered a Trauma Condition and are likely to face heavy medical bills and be unable to work.

How will you pay for the medical bills or earn a living while you recover from your Trauma Condition. Take out some Trauma Insurance....it will pay it for you.

Estate Planning:

Who will get your assets when something happens to you?  Unless you've done some Estate Planning it may not be who think...or want!

What type of Nomination do you have in place? If its not 'Binding' your beneficiaries may be waiting months. 

It all depends on what you put in place. If you don’t have beneficiaries nominated, you have no say at all the government decides. Do some Estate Planning.

Pre Retirement Planning:

How long do you want your money to last? Do you want to access Centrelink benefits? There are many types of options available to you in achieving steady income, or accessing centrelink benefits when you retire. But you need to have the right strategy in place.

Post Retirement Planning:

Do you know how to boost your retirement savings with no change in your income. Achieve tax free income and earnings in retirement? Come and see us...